Le 13/11/2018


From 13 to 15 November, CONDAT will sponsor EUROFORGE conference in Berlin. The 1st European Fair for the forging industry will be a good opportunity to highlight lubricant improvements in terms of chemistry & workers benefits.

For more than 25 years, CONDAT offers a full range of lubricants dedicated to all forging needs. From die lubricants to billet coatings, CONDAT high tech lubricants are suitable for all material: ferrous metals (carbon, stainless steel) and nonferrous alloys (Brass / Copper, Aluminum, Titanium, Nickel / Cobalt).

As aluminum alloy forged parts are constantly growing up especially to meet new automotive lightweight requirements and aerospace growth market, CONDAT policy is to reinforce its offer on this market segment. With its water-based lubricants range, CONDAT is a forerunner with safe and REACH compliant products.


If oil based lubricants are mainly renowned in the forging industry for their performance & efficiency, they can show some inconveniencies. In this context, CONDAT’s strategy is to develop products with the lowest impact in terms of danger for operators and for the environment. To respond in reliable, responsible and sustainable way to its forging customers’ needs, CONDAT constantly improve the chemistry of its lubricants range and has recently focused its R&D researches on upgrading its water-based lubricants offer for standard and isothermal Aluminum forging.

CONDAFORGE and ORAFOR lubricants ranges are waterbased graphite and graphite free lubrifiant aqueux forgesolutions. They ensure less fumes in the workshops and reduce fire risks. Ammonia free and odorless, they provide a friendly working environment with safe operating conditions. In addition, they do not generate gases such as PAHs (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) contrary to petroleum-derived process oils when used under severe forging conditions (high die temperatures).

CONDAT water-based lubricants have also the advantages of leaving less residues on parts. In the case of graphite free solutions, sections are particularly clean.

CONDAT can also accompany its customers in reducing their maintenance costs and improving their lubricants consumption through supply of dosing systems such as CONDAMIX.