Sulphonate greases: CONDAT MILLENIUM

A range of greases with calcium sulphonate complex soap, with very high dropping points allowing them to meet severe constraints of load and temperature. A particularly effective grease in humid environments.


Sulphonate greases are new-generation greases intended in particular for lubrication of all mechanical systems operating under heavy loads and/or subject to water wash-out.

The colloidal structure of Calcium Sulphonate greases gives them special properties and allows them to attain a high level of performance without recourse to high percentages of additives. This natural performance for this grease chemistry allows for effective, multi-purpose and long-lasting lubrication.


  • Crusher screen bearings
  • Pelleting press bearings
  • Roller bearings
  • Plain bearings
  • Rolling stock
  • Cables and capstans
  • Open gears
  • Slideways


Our CONDAT MILLENIUM range is available with numerous types of base oil: Mineral, Semi-synthetic, 100% Synthetic

  • Viscosity: grades ISO 46 to ISO 1500
  • Penetration: grades NLGI 0 to 3

We also offer biodegradable products in accordance with OECD 301.

Other specifications:

  • Excellent behaviour in the presence of water
  • Naturally resistant to impacts and heavy loads
  • Very high dropping point
  • Anti-corrosion protection even in salty environments

Product benefits

The range of CONDAT MILLENIUM sulphonate greases allows for multi-purpose use for your most demanding greasing. Element lifetimes are significantly extended compared with lubrication using traditional soaps. It is particularly suitable for all applications in the presence of water and of heavy loads.

  • A wide range of temperatures of use (-40 to 200°C)
  • Mechanical stability under severe rolling (roller bearings) =>Sealing maintained => reduced consumption
  • Resistance to impacts and vibrations => avoids breakage => reduction of maintenance costs
  • Exceptional protection in the presence of water => extended lifetime of mechanical elements.

The CONDAT MILLENIUM range can also be applied for high-end multi-purpose use, allowing optimisation of your lubricant grease stocks and meeting the requirements of the extreme conditions found in heavy industry.

Exceptional performance

The exceptional performance of CONDAT MILLENIUM is mainly due to its high-tech properties, which you can discover in the following videos:

Associated services

CONDAT offers equipment suitable for facilitating implementation of our lubricants:

Condat provides Technical assistance to advise you and guarantee optimum use of our lubricants.

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