Cleaning fountains

Cleaning fountains
CONDAT offers revolutionary biological fountains, or solvent-based, electrical or pneumatic, according to your cleaning needs and expectations.


Biological fountain and degreaser

Innovative technology based on biodegradation of fats. With a high concentration of non-pathogenic micro-organisms, the biological solution digests your oils and greases, while ensuring permanent regeneration of the bath.


  • 90-litre capacity
  • Working area 800 x 600 mm OR 1000 x 700 mm as an option
  • Working height 910 mm
  • Maximum load 70kg

Product benefits

  • Safety: Does not ignite, unlike a solvent fountain
  • Robust and ergonomic
  • Splashback and washing tank in STAINLESS STEEL
  • Free from VOCs
  • Compliant with standard ISO 14001
  • Washable exterior cartridge filter (hence low running cost)
  • LED Lighting  System
  • Clogging detection system
  • Low level and over-temperature safety
  • Panel indicating the state of the bath, the level of liquid present in the barrel and the operation of the washing pump
  • Oil-separator option available (to provide optimal product lifetime)
  • Lowest running cost on the market

Other fountains

Solvent-based fountain

  • Degreasing fountain with a self-priming electric or pneumatic geared pump
  • Powered by 230 V or dry compressed air at around 6 bar, according to your available energy sources.
  • Optional shelf for parts




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