Pressure mixer

Pressure mixer
Mobile or portable mixing equipment fitted with an air outlet, product under pressure thanks to a pump or tank, several capacities available.


CONDAT can supply mobile or portable mixing equipment. Always equipped with an air outlet, it operates under pressure thanks to a pump or tank and is available in several sizes.

45 Litres

Distribution tank with stirrer 45 L

This mixer is intended for permanent stirring with recirculation of a WATER based product (with or without graphite) which is aspirated by a 52l/min membrane pump to put the system under pressure.
At the outlet, a pneumatic pressure controller smooths the jolts of the membrane pump to provide a regular output of product. A spray gun and hoses are also supplied with this distribution tank.

Product benefits

  • Mobile mixer
  • No more pressure tank
  • Reduced filling time
  • Separate control of air / product spraying

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