1000L container distribution

1000L container distribution
Equipment for pneumatic pumping and feeding, distribution, filling: 1,000 litre containers.


To guarantee customer satisfaction, CONDAT has chosen to work with leading brands well-known for the robustness of their equipment when used intensively in an industrial environment. These pneumatic pumps are guaranteed for 5 years in normal use. They can be used on tanks or containers of 1 000 litres and allow for storage, distribution and pumping of all types of oil.


Several solutions are available for the pneumatic distribution of neat oils:

  • Plate placed directly on the container
  • Pump fixed to the wall behind the container

Each storage container can be equipped with two items:

  • 3:1 or 5:1 pneumatic pump in the LD range with a simple hose (4 metres or 10 metres)
  • Closed spool of 11 metres according to needs.

To ensure distribution in accordance with your requirements, at the end of the hose you will find a simple trigger or digital counter trigger (with optional pre-selection) for a precise record of the volume delivered and to ensure optimum pumping.

Product benefits

  • Delivery of oils in container for large consumers
  • Simplified stock control and management
  • Limitation in the removal of soiled containers by approved operators
  • Storage of products at one distribution point

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