- Le 24/02/2021


CONDAT is proud to announce that its fire resistant hydraulic fluids, greases and gear oils have been once again approved by the renowned OEM Groupe Danieli. Indeed in the new Danieli approved lubricants list, Condat products are endorsed for 34 applications including Continuous Casting Greases, Hot Rolling Chocks Bearings Greases.

Condat products have been approved by Danieli for more than 20 years. In a world of strong competition within the steel industry, any means to decrease operating costs and improve productivity without compromising the safety of people and equipment are to be considered. CONDAT SA is working with you to help you get the best from your machinery and to bring you the responsible performance you are looking for.

To know more about high performance & biodegradable CONDAT HFDU fluids and steel dedicated lubricants, contact us.