HFD-U hydraulic fluids

HFD-U hydraulic fluids
CONDAT D: a complete range of HFD-U fire-resistant hydraulic fluids, self-extinguishing and biodegradable. Oils approved by FM and MSHA.


An expert for many years in speciality lubricants, CONDAT has built its reputation thanks to its fire-resistant hydraulic fluids in particular.

A speciality formulation

The HFD-U range of hydraulic fluids are self-extinguishing anhydrous oils. Formulated from organic esters or synthetic oils and ultra-efficient additives, hydraulic oils in the CONDAT D range have excellent fire-resistant properties allowing for complete safety of installations, operators and the environment. Further, they are biodegradable (according to standard OECD 301B).




  • Excellent anti-wear properties and resistance to oxidation
  • Viscosity stable with respect to temperature (very high viscosity index)
  • Filterability adapted to the most recent technologies
  • Remarkable characteristics of de-aeration, demulsibility, anti-foaming

CONDAT D46 & D68 fire-resistant hydraulic fluids meet the requirements of the ISO 12922 standard.

Product benefits

Low-flammability fluids in the Condat D range guarantee the following advantages:

  • Resistance to fire: high flash point
  • Biodegradability and respect for the environment and people: biodegradable according to the OECD 301B standard and non toxic
  • Long service lifetime of the fluid thanks to excellent resistance to oxidation and corrosion
  • Excellent lubrication guaranteeing protection of hydraulic components (pumps, motors, valves…)


HFD-U hydraulic oils in the Condat D range can be used in the following industries and applications:


HFD-U hydraulic oils CONDAT  D 46/68 are certified with FM Global (Factory Mutual) approval, and the oil CONDAT  D 68 is also approved by the American organisation MSHA.

FM Approved hydraulic fluids

FM Global is an insurance company that bases its strategy around accident prevention. Known worldwide, “FM Approval” of CONDAT D 46 and CONDAT D 68 allows our customers to be assured that our lubricants have been subject to numerous tests and are compliant with the strictest quality standards. Using CONDAT D products validated by FM, guarantee the user to have a technically effective fluid, that allows for protection of people and installations.

MSHA certified hydraulic fluids

Of worldwide renown, the MSHA (Mine Safety and Health Administration) is the American government agency guaranteeing the safety of men and machines in mines and working underground.

This organisation, attached to the American labour ministry, has laboratories to test and approve products that may be used (or not) in underground sites, so as to guarantee a maximum safety level for workers. To have a lubricant approved by the MSHA is a guarantee of performance in terms of fire resistance and technical performance.

Associated services

CONDAT sells much more than just fire-resistant hydraulic fluids. We assist you in the choice of product technology most suited to your technical requirements, in its  implementation as well as in its daily use. Our technical experts  are available to advise you and guarantee optimal use of our fluids.

CONDAT offers equipment suitable for facilitating implementation of our lubricants:

Along with complementary products: