Lubricants for hot rolling

Hot rolling
Specific maintenance production for lubrication of the reheating furnace, from the rolling mill to the coilers.


After having been reheated to a temperature of the order of 1300°C in the furnace,  the slabsblooms or billets are subjected to plastic deformation between different cylinders: reduction in diameter, thickness, modification of the shape. The hot rolling process thereby allows the manufacture of products such as:

  • slabs
  • sheets
  • Wire rods
  • bars
  • rails
  • profiles
  • steel beams


The different hydraulic systems for the reheating furnaces are subject to fire risks. To eliminate this risk and guarantee the safety of workers and equipment, the use of fire-resistant fluids is recommended.

During the process, the bearing chocks of the working cylinders are subject to severe constraints linked to wash-out, at high temperatures and under heavy loads. The re-greasing time is essential so as to limit maintenance operations between each cylinder change.

Also, the power transmission provided by the couplings and spindles requires lubricants able to resist the centrifugation and  heavy loads.

The coilers are also subject to high temperatures and heavy loads.

The CONDAT range answers these many constraints with a range of high-performance lubricants.


Fire-resistant hydraulic fluids for:

  • control of the doors for reheating furnaces,
  • pushers
  • walking beam
  • setting and control of the gap between the rolling cylinders
  • Coiler movements

Lubrication of  bearing chocks of the working cylinder

Greasing of  conveyor roller bearings

Greasing of spindles and couplings

Lubrication of  mandrel and bearings of the coilers

Associated services

Condat provides Technical Assistance to advise you and guarantee optimum use of our lubricants.

Furthermore, CONDAT ensures the monitoring and analysis in service of its Condat D and Condat Guard C46.


  • Optimise your consumption and possibly space out your oil drains
  • Guarantee optimal lubrication of your equipment

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