Lubricants for cold rolling

Cold rolling
Maintenance lubricants specifically developed for cold rolling mills.


The process of cold rolling, which generally concerns the production of flat steel products, allows not only to reduce the thickness of the strip but also to modify the mechanical characteristics of the steel. Cold rolling can be followed by coating operations after annealing and strain hardening.


The bearing chocks of the working cylinders are subject to permanent wash out by cold rolling lubricants and are subject to heavy loads. The use of lubricants with excellent anti-wear properties and resistance to wash-out is essential.

As with hot rolling, the spacing of greasing time is necessary to limit maintenance operations between each change of cylinder.

The power transmission provided by the couplings and spindles requires lubricants able to resist the centrifugation and heavy loads.


  • Greasing of bearing chocks of working cylinders, spindles and couplings
  • Lubrication of  mandrel and the coiler bearings

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