- Le 10/10/2022

CONDATRACK, track your lubricant consumption online

A 4.0 service for connected machining oils

To facilitate the management of fluids, CONDAT offers an autonomous remote gauging service. Thanks to sensors positioned on the oil storage tanks, this service allows you to know exactly your stock level on a daily basis, to follow your lubricant consumption and to anticipate possible product shortages. Thanks to a customization of the CondaTrack internet platform and the mobile application, users can receive alerts by e-mail or SMS.

The advantages of CondaTrack

  • Connected: follow your consumption in real time
  • Alert: avoid breakdowns and outages
  • Optimization: control the adjustment of your top-ups
  • Tailor-made advice: Condat helps you to manage your fluids
  • Practical: easy to install and autonomous sensor for 5 years


CondaTrack is available to monitor all the machining oils offered by CONDAT:

CONDACOOL : synthetic soluble oils
POLYBIO : mineral based soluble oils
MECAGREEN : vegetable based soluble oils
CONDACUT: mineral-based whole machining oils
CONDACUT XC : refined whole machining oils
NEAT GREEN : vegetable based whole oils
GREEN FLUX : Lubricants for micro-lubrication

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