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Our commitments

Global Compact involment: Our contribution to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

Since 2020 CONDAT has been committed to the UN Global Compact corporate responsibility initiative including its principles in the areas of human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption.

In addition to its active participation in the Global Compact, the Condat Group relies on the reference framework set by the UN around the 17 SDGs Sustainable Development Goals.

Our actions notably contribute to 12 of these 17 Goals. The two goals on which the company has the greatest impact are numbers 8 and 12, respectively “decent work and economic growth” and “responsible consumption and production”.


Responsible Care standard: our contribution to progressive commitment in the CHEMICAL sector

Since 2010, Condat has been a signatory of the International Council of Chemical Association’s Responsible Care commitment, redeemed in France by the Union des Industries Chimiques (UIC) and oriented towards the safe and sustainable management of chemical products.

It is part of a worldwide commitment by the chemical industry to the safe management of chemicals throughout their life cycle with the promotion of their role in improving the quality of life and their contribution to sustainable development.

This commitment revolves around 6 main principles:

  • Safe management of chemicals
  • Continuous improvement of performance in terms of the environment, health, safety and the security of installations, processes and technologies
  • Strengthening chemicals management systems
  • Promoting safe chemicals management
  • Stakeholder involvement
  • Contribution to sustainable development


Our contribution to the reduction of CO2 emissions

Since January 2020, CONDAT has been committed to reducing its CO2 emissions. By signing the Fret21 agreement supported by the ADEME, we show a strong will to better integrate the impact of transport in our sustainable development strategy.

Our objective: 8% reduction of our CO2 emissions by 2022. How can we achieve this?



Condat Groupe Cares : Solidarity Action Program


The Condat Groupe Cares sponsorship program now supports the Longitude 181 association.

This association is committed to the defence of protected marine areas, scientific studies, shark protection, participatory science, opposition to shark feeding and many other conservation efforts.

Longitude 181’s core principles for action are as follows:

  • Share: The ocean, its biodiversity, its wonders and mysteries, and the connection to life that it offers us.
  • Alert: on the threats facing the ocean, destructive activities, illegitimate policies and legislation.
  • Take action: contribution through research, information, awareness-raising, the promotion of eco-responsible activities and the promotion of respectful and benevolent governance of this shared natural treasure: The ocean!

This collaboration with Longitude 181 further strengthens our ongoing commitment to the preservation of water and biodiversity.

If you would like to support Longitude 181.


CONDAT also supports the association Project Rescue Ocean which raises awareness among the general public and the younger generation in schools about the state of the environment, the seas and the oceans. This association enables everyone to commit to the preservation of the seas, oceans and rivers in a simple, accessible and pragmatic way thanks to eco-citizen actions. “Less talk and more action” is the motto of Project Rescue Ocean.

The Condat Group actively participates in increasing the Project Rescue Ocean’s UNIVERSAL POSITIVE COUNTER by regularly carrying out clean-up actions.

Since September 2021, more than 1.2 tons of litter have been collected by Groupe Condat members. A positive action for the preservation of rivers and oceans.

In 2023, thanks to the group’s support, the association has also acquired a CleanUp Box which is installed at Valras-plage, close to Mediterranean sea. Its purpose is to provide, for free, a container with all necessary tools for waste collection, empowering organizations, local authorities or companies to engage eco-citizen waste collection actions.

Because every action counts!


To help protect biodiversity, CONDAT has chosen to support the LPO AURA and its local project to restore the Grand Albert wetland.

Located in northern Isère, in the Bonnevaux massif, just 45km from our head office, the Grand Albert was once the largest forest pond in the Isère department. In 2008, a dike burst, causing the pond to dry up and an exceptional biodiversity to disappear.

By helping to rebuild the dike, the aim is to restore this wetland, thereby restoring ecosystems and biodiversity and helping to combat climate change.

Find out more about this impactful endeavor and our partnership.