Our CSR policy


Our CSR policy

Already taking part in numerous initiatives with a responsible dimension, we place this commitment at the heart of our activities. Our objective: to reduce our ecological footprint and guide our organisation towards creating sustainable value that takes into account social and environmental issues.

Aware of the impact of any activity, we integrate the objectives of sustainable development at each stage of our products life.

Through strong CSR requirements and actions oriented towards co-development, we want to influence our partners, employees, customers, suppliers to encourage a transition towards healthier and more ethical forms of growth throughout our value chain.

Our CSR policy gives meaning to our past and future commitment, as well as visibility to our sustainable development practices. It guides all our strategic decisions as well as our operational practices, to make this progressive approach sustainable and shared at all levels of the company and beyond.

Our 5 CSR commitments

CONDAT Group’s CSR policy in made up of 5 commitments.

First, the commitment to a CSR Governance intrinsically linked to the governance of the company. This will ensure that CSR is considered as a strategic axis of value creation, to apply it in each process of the group and to steer with a goal of continuous improvement.

The commitment of Leadership and Co-development reflects CONDAT’s desire to induce a change in its value chain, by leading each player (customers, suppliers, partners) towards a responsible development approach in business relations or development of common projects with high CSR added value.

As a chemical company, CONDAT wants to reduce its ecological footprint. Offering its customers high-performance solutions that are neutral for nature and humans (throughout their life cycle), and producing them using cleaner and more efficient processes, are the objectives of the Eco-products and Eco-production commitment.

An ecological and technical transition necessarily leads to a social transition. To reconcile economic performance and ecology, CONDAT is committed to a more advanced Social Performance model. The objective is to encourage the development of its employees’ skills, based on a professional environment that respects health and on a fulfilling working environment.

Finally, in order to establish constructive and lasting relationships with all its stakeholders, CONDAT reaffirms its responsible and loyal practices based on Business Ethics and customer relations.