Plunger lubricants

Plunger lubricants
Range of high-performance lubricants for injection pistons – plungers used in casting machines, in high pressure die casting.
Application fields


CONDAT has developed a complete range of high-performance lubricants for injection pistons. Used on casting machines in pressure die casting, our lubricants give optimum results for the melting of all types of metal: alloys of aluminium, magnesium and zinc.

With a view to improving productivity for our customers, are products are formulated to:

  • Improve metal castability and injection
  • Increase the lifetime of plungers and elements to reduce production stoppages
  • Limit the porosity of cast parts
  • Be economical to use

Further, CONDAT is committed to systematically offering lubricants formulated with raw materials that meet the latest regulatory requirements and preserve the health of operators, their safety and the environment. Consult our SDSs.


Dry lubricants for pistons

In the form of beads or granules, these products are easy to use. Clean to use, these beads for piston lubrication are available:

  • With or without graphite
  • With different grain sizes, to adapt to all feeding systems: manual or automatic
  • Usable on pistons with diameters from 70 mm to more than 130 mm, of all types: Copper-aluminium, Steel, Copper-beryllium...

Neat oil based lubricants for pistons

To adapt to all types of machine and hence all types of cylinder and piston, we offer a large range of products based on mineral, synthetic or vegetable oils.

With or without graphite, these lubricants offer anti-wear properties for greasing pistons. The wide range of viscosities of our oils allow us to adapt our offer to your machines and your needs.

Aqueous lubricants

Development according to your technical specifications.

Associated services

CONDAT offers equipment uitable for facilitating implementation of our lubricants, along with online monitoring of your analyses.