Cutting and stamping neat oils

Neat oils
Range of non-chlorinated neat oils, for cutting and stamping of sheet metal, on mechanical or hydraulic presses.
Application fields


The cutting stamping operation consists of forming the material (ferrous or non-ferrous metals), in a coil or blank, using mechanical or hydraulic presses, with simple tools, progressive or transfer.

To meet your needs, CONDAT has developed a large range of  non-chlorinated neat oils, adapted to the requirements encountered:

  • Specific lubricants for the car industry, with approvals
  • Specific lubricants for stainless steels
  • Specific lubricants for the manufacture of metallic food packaging (incidental food contact H1)...

The CONDAFORM range of cutting stamping neat oils includes:

  • Mineral-based oils: with excellent anti-corrosion properties, and easy to degrease,
  • Vegetable oils: with high lubricity, based on renewable raw materials

All are available with a wide choice of viscosities.

Product benefits

  • High lubricity, to replace chlorinated oils, and limit the deposit weight
  • Fluid lubricants, for perfect control of application by spraying
  • Very good protection against corrosion between operations
  • Facilitate degreasing with alkali detergent

Associated services

CONDAT offers equipment suitable for facilitating implementation of our lubricants: