Surface treatment of wire rods

Surface treatment of wire rods
Complete range of lubricants intended for the forming process: surface treatment before forming, wire-drawing soaps, oils for cold, hot and warm forming, roll bending…
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The preparation of the rod before forming is an essential operation to optimise the manufacturing process. In general, for technical parts, phosphate treatment plus a treatment with borax or lime is practised. Then a specific soap for the wire drawing or skin-pass operations can be used, and in the final phase, a metal-forming oil.

Phosphate treatment certainly gives a high level of performance in wire drawing and forming of high-carbon steels, but has other disadvantages. The costs of this phosphate treatment are rising inexorably!

The alternative to phosphate treatment

CONDAT, world leader in wire drawing lubricants, now offers the solution for an effective and lasting surface treatment, EXTRUGLISS ST. EXTRUGLISS ST is a non-reactive surface treatment, an alternative to phosphate treatment, that optimises the preparation of the rod and reduces the overall cost while improving the skin pass (wire drawing) operations and the cold heading.

The mineral salts and bio-polymers in the EXTRUGLISS ST range quickly crystallise on the rod creating an optimal cover. The weight of the deposit and the crystallisation obtained thus ensure better adherence and an excellent distribution of the lubricant during the wire drawing (skin pass) operations and the cold forming.

Product benefits

  • Excellent state of the rod surface
  • More uniform mechanical properties of the rod
  • Better drag out and behaviour of the skin-pass (wire drawing) soap
  • Improvement of forming operations such as drawing, extrusion
  • Less residue during the cold metal-forming

EXTRUGLISS ST has many fewer disadvantages than a phosphate-type treatment. Easy to implement and without handling of classified products, EXTRUGLISS ST also allows for a reduction in processing and recycling of effluent.



It associates compatible products:

  • EXTRUGLISS WD skin-pass wire-drawing soaps
  • EXTRUGLISS forming oils

thus guaranteeing excellent performance and a lifetime for tools at least equivalent to existing solutions.