Vegetable-based forming oils

Vegetable-based forming oils
Vegetable-based forming oils for a better working environment and a very high level of performance: low formation of mist and smokes, BaP free.
Application fields


As a complement to its very full range of forming oils, CONDAT has recently developed a new range of vegetable based oils.

EXTRUGLISS GREEN oils have high lubricity. EXTRUGLISS GREEN vegetable-based oils, 3 times more effective than standard mineral oils, allow for production of the most difficult parts while improving the lifetime of tools. This lubricity is more particularly due to the reinforced polarity of the vegetable esters on the materials.

With a higher viscosity index than traditional extrusion oils, the lubricant film is stable at high temperature, meaning it can replace extrusion oils with high viscosity.

EXTRUGLISS GREEN is also a 2 in 1 oil: it ensures the lubrication of the machines as well as the forming tools, while avoiding cross contamination.

Product benefits

  • Production of very difficult parts
  • Improved lifetime for tools
  • Better working environment for operators


Operator safety and improvement of working conditions have become a major concern for manufacturers. The EXTRUGLISS GREEN range anticipates the new regulations.

The high flash point of EXTRUGLISS GREEN guarantees less mist and smoke.

It also meets the latest INRS recommendations (R451) by guaranteeing a level of BaP lower than the recommended limits.