Maintenance lubricants for ferro-alloys

Fire-resistant hydraulic fluids for tilting melting furnaces. Technical greases for transport ladle axles, furnace door rollers and air ventilating bearings, ladle cleaning machines, conveyors…


Producer and formulator of maintenance lubricants for the ferro-alloy industry, CONDAT offers fire-resistant oils and technical greases meeting the requirements of each stage in production:

  • production of inoculants, noduloys in melting furnaces
  • treatment of master alloys to the transfer ladles
  • casting into the carousel
  • cleaning of transport ladles

Our lubricants meet several requirements:

  • safety
  • quality
  • productivity
  • environment

Further, they are compatible with equipment made by suppliers in this market.


For inoculant production

Hydraulics systems for:

  • Power units for sliding and control of the electrodes in melting furnaces
  • Power units for skimmer vehicle to slag off the drosses in the furnace
  • Power units for casting carousels

Axles, rollers, bearings for:

  • Transport ladle axles
  • Furnace door rollers
  • Conveyor rollers
  • Air ventilating bearings
  • Skimmer bearings
  • Carousel chains
  • Open pinions
  • Hydraulic cranes...

Product benefits

The CONDAT range of lubricants stands out for the following technical advantages:

For  fire-resistant fluids:

  • Long product lifetime
  • Resistance to oxidation
  • Anti-wear properties
  • Biodegradability

For technical greases:

  • High resistance to temperature with a low frequency of use
  • Water resistance
  • High load resistance
  • Mechanical stability over time
  • Suitable for low or high rotation speeds

Associated services

CONDAT also has a large range of products that meet lubrication requirements for all equipment linked to your complementary activities:

Product ranges