Lubricants for tubes - Aluminium, copper and alloys

Aluminium, copper and alloys
High-performance lubricants for hot or cold forming of tubes in aluminium, copper and their alloys.


These non-ferrous materials are used in various applications such as:

  • aeronautics
  • mechanical structures
  • automotive
  • plumbing tubes

Initially produced by hot extrusion, direct or indirect, the tubes are then cold formed, usually by drawing.

The surface quality of the finished tubes is paramount and depends on the transformation method and the quality of the lubricants used.


CONDAT lubricants can be applied manually, or by spraying for a more uniform deposit to enhance performance of the process.


For cold forming of tubes, the CONDAT range covers all operations such as:

  • surface preparation
  • drawing with or without mandrel
  • cold forming

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