Emulsions for rolled & welded (ERW) tubes

Emulsions for rolled & welded (ERW) tubes
Complete range of emulsions for working rolled & welded tubes, excellent lubricity and detergent power…


CONDATUB SL emulsions are perfectly suited to working operations on rolled & welded tubes. Formulated from a mineral oil or ester base, they offer excellent wetting power and lubricity.

Product benefits

Low foaming, remaining stable for a long time and with a high detergent power, they have a long lifetime allowing for a reduction in maintenance costs.


  • Excellent cooling capacity
  • Protection of tubes after forming
  • Reduced clogging of machines
  • Long stability in baths


Most of the CONDATUB SL aqueous lubricants are multi-purpose and can be used in the same way on a multitude of materials, from copper through to galvanised steel.

For the most severe metal forming, CONDAT also offers a specific product boosted with Extreme Pressure additives and adapted to the most severe constraints.


The final residue on the tubes provides an anti-corrosion protection to the tubes after forming. In the most severe cases, CONDAT can also offer a range of specific protection products guaranteeing the conservation of the tubes after manufacture.

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