Lubricants for mandrel removal and calibration of tubes during hot rolling

Mandrel removal and calibration lubricants
Complete range of lubricants for mandrel removal and calibration of tubes during hot rolling.


CONDAT offers a range of lubricants to facilitate mandrel removal during hot rolling of seamless tubes, whatever the material: carbon steel, stainless steel or Inconel.

Easy to implement, these coatings are in the form of powders that can be easily sprayed inside the tube before the introduction of the mandrel or in the form of dispersions, also easy to spray.

Product benefits

For mandrel removal, the dry lubricants offered are formulated on a mineral salts and/or ceramic base, carefully studied to allow:

  • no sticking during rolling
  • excellent surface finish
  • easy removal of the mandrel

The following calibration operations are usually carried out using aqueous graphite dispersions or, for the easiest operations, using non-graphite aqueous lubricants, which constitute a cleaner alternative for workshops. These calibration lubricants allow for:

  • the deposit of an insulating lubricating film
  • optimal lubrication of tools
  • high precision in tube calibration operations
  • avoidance of toxic fumes

Products that optimise your manufacturing process

The spraying step can easily be inserted into the production flow, just before the introduction of the mandrel. CONDAT lubricants thus reduce the number of operations in your process, by avoiding the mandrel treatment step.


More responsible products

Compared to formulas based on graphite oils or phosphates, Condat lubricants offer a cleaner working environment and are more eco-responsible. In particular, they reduce the costs of waste processing.

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