Reactive soaps for soaping

Reactive soaps for soaping
Complete range of reactive soaps intended for soaping phosphated steel tubes and stainless steel tubes.


CONDAT offers a range of reactive soaps intended for soaping steel tubes after phosphating. These soaps, in the COLLUBE range, are presented in the form of a powder to be diluted in water.

For more demanding metal forming operations, CONDAT has formulated extremely effective soap- and polymer-based liquid soaping lubricants, that allow drawing of stainless steel tubes and meet the most severe requirements (automotive...) in terms of surface condition and dimensional tolerances.

Product benefits

These soaps react with the layer of phosphate deposited on the steel tube to create an ultra-adhesive lubricating layer that thus allows drawing under optimal conditions. The surface condition obtained is impeccable even under the most severe conditions.

According to the required deposit weight, the diameter of the tubes and the severity of the operation, CONDAT can offer the most suitable reactive soap.

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