Pilger rolling concentrates

Pilger rolling concentrates
Complete range of lubricating concentrates for pilger rolling.


Pilger rolling enables the production of tubes of great length and with a very high quality surface finish, with maximum productivity. This process often implies the use of demanding metals such as stainless steel, inconel or zirconium for application sectors where quality is paramount :

  • automotive industry
  • nuclear industry...

Based on its expertise in the manufacture of machining fluids, CONDAT is able to offer water-soluble lubricants with high lubricity, offering optimal lubrication of tubes during the pilger rolling operations. Used in the first steps of the process or during polishing operations, these emulsions guarantee optimal surface condition.

Product benefits

In addition to their high lubricating quality, the CONDATUB SL range of lubricants has been formulated to:

  • improve bath stability to extend operating lifetime
  • provide a clean and healthy working environment :
    • absence of formaldehyde-releasing biocides
    • low foaming to avoid overflow

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