Hot-forming lubricants - Steel and stainless steel tubes

Hot-forming lubricants
Complete range of aqueous lubricants for hot forming of tubes.


With a ceramic or graphite base, the CONDAT range of hot-forming lubricants is formulated on an aqueous base to:

  • minimise fumes in the workshop
  • reduce the risk of ignition

Sprayed or coated  on the parts, these aqueous dispersions provide a thin, homogeneous film of solid lubricant, stable under severe conditions of temperature or deformations.

Product benefits

These formulations:

  • aid metal-forming operations for steel and stainless steel tubes by reducing the friction coefficient between the part and the die
  • protect the part from the formation of oxides under these strong constraints

CONDATUB aqueous lubricants are suitable for steels but also for the most difficult alloys to form, such as Inconels.

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