Lubricants for tubes - Stainless steel and Inconel

Stainless steel and Inconel
Range of quality lubricants for hot or cold transformation of stainless steel tubes.


Stainless-steel tubes are used for their resistance to corrosion, their very shiny final appearance and their mechanical characteristics.

For all these transformations, CONDAT offers a range of specifically adapted lubricants, rich in extreme pressure additives, allowing the most difficult transformations while providing a good surface appearance.


For hot forming, CONDAT offers a range of lubricants to be applied by hand or sprayed. These lubricants have been developed on ceramic (glass) bases or high-quality synthetic graphite.


After hot transformation, seamless tubes are then cold shaped using processes such as:

  • pilger rolling
  • drawing: hollow, with a plug or mandrel

Rolled and welded tubes are produced cold by shaping a pre-dimensioned steel strip, and can then also be drawn.

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