Neat oils for rolling - pilger rolling

Neat oils for rolling
Complete range of neat oils for pilger rolling: CONDATUB TFH


Pilger rolling enables the production of tubes of great length and with a very high quality surface finish, with maximum productivity. This process often goes together with the use of demanding metals such as stainless steel, inconel or zirconium for application sectors where quality is paramount :

  • automotive industry,
  • nuclear industry...

Product benefits

The high performance and Extreme Pressure formulations of CONDATUB TFH oils are required for this process, to:

  • perform large reductions on stainless steels and Inconels
  • guarantee an excellent surface finish
  • minimise wear of tools


Committed to an eco-responsible approach, CONDAT can also offer minimal labelling oils without impact on the Seveso classification of the production site.

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