Finished products in concrete

Finished products in concrete
Lubricants for the manufacture of finished products in concrete: building blocks, pipes, concrete tubes, pre-stressed beams, railway sleepers. For mixers, conveyors, presses and geared motors.


Manufacturers of building blocks, pipes, concrete tubes, pre-stressed beams and all types of concrete part are subject to stiff competition, requiring careful control of production costs.

During manufacture of finished products in concrete, presses, mixers, conveyors, geared motors, are subject to strong compressions and loads. Furthermore, the lubrication of this equipment must also show strong resistance to water, because of the numerous wash-outs.


CONDAT offers a complete range for the lubrication of geared motors and greasing under wet conditions:

  • for gears in conveyors, mixers
    • MECANIC EP: extreme pressure oil, anti-wear
    • MECASYNTH XHP: for extreme conditions, withstands high temperatures
  • for use in wet areas
    • CONDAT MILLENIUM grease: Long lasting
  • for gear reducers
    • AKRON XHD2 – AKRONEX EP2: High-end multi-purpose greases
  • hydraulic circuits:

Associated services

Condat provides Technical Assistance to advise you and guarantee optimum use of our lubricants:

  • Conversion strategies for your hydraulic fluids
  • Monitoring by analysis, to ensure preventive maintenance

CONDAT offers equipment  suitable for facilitating implementation of our lubricants.

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