Tile and brick production

Tile and brick production
Lubricants for the manufacture of tiles and bricks: for hydraulic presses, dryers, wheel bearings for kiln cars, grinders / crushers, kilns, mixers…


Tile and brick works have working environments subject to high temperatures and a very wet atmosphere due to wash-out.

High production rates and the need to supply perfect finishes leave no place for haphazard maintenance of equipment.


Condat offers a complete range for safe lubrication:

  • for wheel bearings for dryer kiln cars: 
    • AKROSYNTH 352 EP: greasing at high temperature, long lasting
    • THERM HT 210: for extreme conditions
  • for  gear reducers on grinders / crushers, mixers
    • MECANIC EP: anti-wear
    • MECASYNTH XHP: long lasting
  • General greasing for bearings, rollers
    • AKRONEX EP2 – AKRON XHD2: safe greasing under temperature and wash-out constraints
  • Oils for hydraulic equipment and presses

Associated services

Condat provides Technical Assistance to advise you and guarantee optimum use of our lubricants:

  • Conversion strategies for your hydraulic fluids
  • Monitoring by analysis, to ensure preventive maintenance

CONDAT offers equipment  suitable for facilitating implementation of our lubricants.