Lubricants for production lines for insulation based on glass wool, rock wool, forming chains and polymerisation ovens, greases for rollers, bearings…


Supplier to the largest producers of glass wool and rock wool insulation, CONDAT has a complete range of lubricants and chain oils for your receiving and production lines.

Based on your constraints:

  • high temperature,
  • corrosive atmosphere with new binders (glucose type),
  • presence of water...

and your maintenance objectives:

  • reduced consumption,
  • spacing out of cleaning operations...

we establish a diagnosis to optimise your process by suggesting the most appropriate lubricants.

CONDAT has the solution for you production lines for glass or rock wool insulation!

Forming lines

Lubricants for your forming lines

  • Oils for forming chains / receiving chains: they guarantee the lubrication and anti-corrosion protection of the chains, subject to severe conditions of load and water wash-out. Their water-repellent effect allows for optimal adhesion to a wet surface.
    • Extends the lifetime of your chains
    • Reduces lubricant consumption.
  • Greases for rollers and bearings on forming lines: formulated for efficient lubrication of bearings for chain drive sprocket assemblies in the presence of water and heavy loads.

Production lines

Lubricants for your production lines

  • Chain oils for polymerisation ovens / curing: formulated for high temperatures and heavy loads.
    • Maximum cleanliness of chains
    • Effective lubrication and optimal lifetime
  •  Greases for curing oven rollers and bearings: high temperature and very high temperature greases for greasing bearings for chain drive sprocket assemblies for curing ovens.
  • Greases for oven fan bearings: for use on bearings subject to high speed and high temperature.

Associated services

Condat provides Technical Assistance to advise you and guarantee optimum use of our lubricants. For implementation of your hydraulic fluids we also offer conversion strategies.

CONDAT offers equipment suitable for facilitating implementation of our lubricants.

Product ranges