Fire-resistant fluids for tunnel boring

Fire-resistant fluids for tunnel boring
Fire-resistant fluids for use in confined spaces, tunnel boring machine pushing jacks.


huile-frappe-multifonctionnelleIn the underground environment where fire can have serious consequences for the personnel and equipment, the legislation in many countries requires HFDU fire-resistant hydraulic fluids.

CONDAT offers the CONDAT D range of fire-resistant hydraulic fluids, approved by tunnel boring machine manufacturers. These products have certification to prove their resistance to fire:

  • FM Factory Mutual
  • MSHA: accreditation for mines

The CONDAT D range is also biodegradable and non toxic.

These HFDU fluids have the advantage of high viscosity index and long service life which allows for preservation of the equipment and spacing out oil changes while guaranteeing  the safety of the excavation site.

Product benefits

Characteristics Benefits
Self-extinguishing fluid Safety of men and site
Biodegradable Respects the environment, no risk of pollution contrary to mineral oil
Anti-wear properties Protection of the machines
Excellent resistance to oxidation. Long service life

FM Global

FM Global is an insurance company whose strategy is based on accident prevention. Known worldwide FM Approvals allows our customers to be assured that our lubricants have passed numerous tests and are compliant with the strictest quality standards. Using an FM certified lubricant provides the certainty that the fluid does protect people and installations.


The MSHA (Mine Safety and Health Administration) is the American government agency of worldwide renown guaranteeing the safety of men and machines in mines and working underground.

This organisation, attached to the American labour ministry, has laboratories to test and approve products that may be used in underground sites, so as to guarantee a maximum safety level to workers. To have a lubricant approved by the MSHA is a guarantee of performance in terms of fire resistance and technical performance.

Associated services

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