Micro-tunnelling and pipe-jacking

Micro-tunnelling and pipe-jacking
Specific products and lubricants for micro-tunnel boring machines and pipe-jacking: intermediate station sealant, main bearing protection paste, friction reduction for the tubes.


Micro-tunnel boring machines and pipe-jacking are used to bore tunnels of small diameter and over quite short distances. The precast concrete rings are pushed from the start-up shaft and the thrust force is passed on by intermediate stations.

CONDAT offers a complete range of specific products and lubricants for micro-tunnel boring machines and pipe-jacking such as sealant pastes for the tunnel boring head, fire-resistant hydraulic fluids, solutions for sealing the intermediate station and friction reducers for the precast concrete rings.

For micro-tunnel boring machines, the boring additives are specific. If confinement is achieved by slurry pressure, CONDAT recommends the use of additives and bentonite to ease the excavation.

For micro-tunnel boring machines equipped with an extraction screw and operating on earth pressure, CONDAT offers the same foaming agents and the same additives as for earth pressure balance tunnel boring machines.



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In addition, CONDAT offers equipment suitable for facilitating implementation of our lubricants:

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