Biodegradable lubricants for equipment used on mountains and in ski resorts: snow groomers, snowmobiles, snow guns. Specific lubricants for mechanical lifts, approved by constructo...

Trolley wires

Wire-drawing lubricants for trolley wires or shaped wires intended for transport of electric current for motors of trains, trams, underground trains and electric buses.

Enamelled wires

Lubricants for drawing enamelled wires used in electromagnetic windings, electric motors and self-inductors in electronic equipment.


Lubricants for quarries and sand-pits for loaders, excavators, tractor shovels and fixed installations for materials processing: crushers, screens, grinders, conveyor belts, mobile...

Construction industry

Lubricants for rolling stock for civil building works and asphalt: trucks, dumper trucks, excavators and mini-excavators, loaders, power shovels, mobile screens and crushers, tract...