Lubricants for the collection of waste and household rubbish

Collecting waste and household rubbish
Range of lubricants for collection of industrial and household waste: rubbish collection trucks, dump trucks, hydraulic arms for handling skips…


The collection of industrial and household waste is very demanding on collection vehicles and machinery. Good management of equipment also requires consideration of environmental constraints.

CONDAT lubricants meet the requirements of these items of equipment:



  • rubbish collection trucks
  • hydraulic arms for handling skips
  • dump trucks

Associated services

CONDAT provides its customers with Technical Assistance to optimise their lubricant needs and give particular support:

  • in the conversion of hydraulic circuits to biodegradable oils for a simple and effective implementation by offering a suitable conversion strategy
  • in the analysis of fluids in service with a complete diagnosis of the physico-chemical properties of the product, to avoid breakdowns!

CONDAT offers equipment  suitable for facilitating implementation of our lubricants: